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Vortex of magic

Spell: vortex of magic
Spellcost: 50 spell points
Time: rather long time
This is the offensive spell of the dwarven magicians. A glyph of power
is needed in order to succesfully cast this spell. The spell works
in such ways that the dwarves adept in wreathing magic can combine
numerous spells within this one spell. In effect, they are able to
get the effects of various spells through this one spell. Thus the
dwarven magicians have ceased to use other offensive spells and have
refined this one spell to suit their needs. The complementary spells
used withing Vortex of Magic have long since ceased to work alone and
so every dwarven magician must study the secrets of this spell.

When used alone, Vortex of Magic deals physical
damage. To succeed critically in this spell you will need a powerful
glyph of chaos. If you have in your possession the most powerful
glyph of chaos the damage inflicted with a critical success will be
increased even further.

The chance of you assessing whether the target resists the damage can be
enhanced with the skill mastery of assessment as well as the relevant
assess damagetype skills.

The chance of you wrapping a new spell into Vortex of Magic is determined
upon your intelligence, the level of your glyph of manipulation and
skills wreathe magic as well as mastery of wreathing. Your knowledge
in the spell Vortex of Magic as well as the spell that you are trying to
wrap are also critical for the success. The spells are wrapped in
predetermined sequence. The level of your glyph of manipulation increases
the chance of wrapping a new spell 10 % per the level of glyph.

All of the spells used in Vortex of Magic count the damage similarly.
The damage depends on your intelligence, knowledge in the damagetype
as well as mastery in the damagetype, knowledge in mastery of magical
symbols and the level of the glyphs that the spell uses.

The glyph skills are useful in decreasing the spell point cost and
avoiding damage to the glyphs.

For additional information check the spells that can be wrapped
within Vortex of Magic.

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