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Providence of barak-dur

Spell: providence of barak-dur
Spellcost: 1300 spell points
Time: very long time
This is a more powerful version of the spell 'blessing of barak-dur'. Due to the power of the magic used in this spell, it lasts a much shorter time but the power of the enchantment easily makes up for the shortened time. The spell is also much more difficult to cast and thus more likely to damage your glyphs. This spell is used to enchant a weapon that you are wielding. If you're wearing two weapons of the same type remove the other to prevent disaster. The affecting stat is intelligence and to some extent wisdom. The affecting skills are mineral lore, metal lore, mastery of metallurgy, physical knowledge, mastery of physics as well as the power of the glyphs. These mainly affect the duration of the spell. The power of the spell is determined from the amount of gems embedded in the target weapon modified with the power of the glyphs.

This spell requires the 3rd level glyphs of earth and nature as well as a powerful glyphs of fire and power.

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