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Spell: identify
Spellcost: 1000 spell points
Time: extremely long time
The famous diviner and old sage Wendmir created this spell to project the vibrations of different objects into the mind of the caster. Unfortunately for him the spell backfired, when he casted it on the famous artifact 'The Horn of Change', and nowadays he lives in a small asylum on a distant peak of a mountain. An altered version of the spell however has found its way to the spellbooks of numerous sorcerers. It shouldn't overload the mind of the caster with too precise details, although the experienced casters still can collect a few details more. You need at least 5 gps per each item as material component for this spell. The more you have though affects greatly how much energy you can contain in the casting and therefore you get more information. Reports are that 150 gps is needed to get the maximum effect of the spell.

Possible values for stats are (in order) terrible penalty, enormous penalty, high penalty, much penalty, some penalty, a little penalty, a bit penalty, none, a bit, a little, little, some, much, very much, high, very high, enormously, magnificently and godly.

Possible values for weapon or armourclasses are (in order) nonexistent, extrem. bad, bad, bad+, lousy, lousy+, below avg, below avg+, average, average+, good, good+, very good, very good+, excellent, excellent+, magnificent, magnificent+, superb+, perfect and unnatural, godly.

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