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Spell: grenade
Spellcost: 2000 spell points
Time: very long time
This is The most devastating spell ever created by mortals. It uses a gemstone as a channel through which the spell is cast. The grenade penetrates all resistances like dwarven metal penetrates orcish bone. The nature of the spell is such that the caster must be proficient with all the damage types and all the damage masteries taught by the elder dwarven spellcasters and (s)he is well adviced to hold the secrets of minerals in utmost detail. The grenade draws its powers from deep within the mountains where upon the tombs of the former heroes runes of power blaze with the neverending power of the ancient heroes. The very might of the mountain god and the long lost powers of the heroes of olden times is unleashed when the spell is cast.

The damage is a percentual amount of the target's current hit points. It is possible to miss when using the grenade but the chances of that happening can be lessened by having high ranks in the skills throwing and accuracy.

There is no damage type for this spell. This spell diminishes the very life force of the target and thus there is no way to escape the spells effect by means of high resistances.

This spell requires a 3rd level glyph of manipulation and power as well as powerful glyphs of earth and mana.

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