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There are currently six races in Delphine from which a starting player can choose.

Six may sound like little but in fact every race has 7-10 guilds (clerical, magical, physical and subguilds) which makes the total number of guilds close to 60 at the time of writing.

So all in all, there's plenty to choose from.

Catfolk | Dwarf | Elf | Gnome | Half-elf | Human | Ogre | Orc | Vampire


-- HALF-ELF --

General info:
The half-elves were first born when ancient elf men took human women as their wives. The line of elf blood weakens because children of elf and human or elf and half-elf are very rare. Almost all children are born with both parents being half-elf. They got their knowledge in magic from the elven side long ago and their strength is of human origin. Although they have forgotten most about the actual casting of spells, they still know a lot about magic and have high abilities in resisting spells.

Half-elves get along fine with the elves but most humans know very little about them and sometimes fear them. Orcs are sworn enemies of the half-elves.

Living in isolation from other races has taught the half-elves to be excellent hunters and scouts but they are also merciless fighters when forced to defend themselves. Half-elves have lived all their existence near water and are therefore excellent sailors and skilled in everything related to water. They also have a natural talent in understanding animals.

They can see in dark
Their blood is red
Their glorious leader is Ardelith.
They are stronger than humans.

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